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Atheneum Suite Hotel

Atheneum Suite Hotel is a 4 star hotel
1000 Brush Avenue
Detroit, MI  48226

Atheneum Suite Hotel, Detroit Details

Property Name: Atheneum Suite Hotel
Independent: Yes
Address: 1000 Brush Avenue
Number of Rooms: 174
Number of Floors: 10
Longitude & Latitude: -83.04, 42.33
Room Types Available: Deluxe King Suite, Deluxe Two Queen Suite, Junior Suite King Bed, x-Deluxe Two Queen Suite - Sweet Deal, x-Junior King Suite
Number of Photos: 24

Weekday Room Price Range: $149 to $199
Weekend Room Price Range: $149 to $199
Promotions: Room type: Deluxe King Suite :: Free Wireless Internet on 06/03/2013

Star Rating: 4.0
Average Review Rating: 4.58
Number of Customer Reviews: 326
First Customer Review Date: 04/30/2006
Last Customer Review Date: 10/08/2012

Recent Atheneum Suite Hotel Review: "Overall, I was very please with our stay. The staff was nice, the rooms tastefully decorated. However, when you were in the upper part of the room (living area) you could hear every noise in the hallway, but this usually didn't last long. Also, the heat was hard to regulate in this part of the room, the bottom part (sleeping area) where the thermostat  is would be set on 60 degrees while the upper part remained stifling hot. The other issue I had was that the mattresses slipped around on the beds and because of this we found someone else's dirty underwear (not my best moment in the room). Finally, we were not prepared for the parking fees! Valet and parking deck fees seemed out of proportion and doubled the day of the game. We ended up walking everywhere we wanted to go and had we know this would would have saved the parking fees and the price of a rental car. The staff was very friendly and easy to work with and I could not ask from better assistance with my wants and needs. One last thing that I do not particular like (but I know will never go away) is that money is still being held on my card for the Hotel incidentals and I have been home for days and had no incidentals."

Check-in Time: 3 PM
Check-out Time: NOON

Restaurants Near Atheneum Suite Hotel: Hard Rock Cafe, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Tim Hortons
Attractions Near Atheneum Suite Hotel: Mikomos (dating spots), Populated places in Canada, CO-OP Network, Attractions, Pharmacy
Other Hotels Near Atheneum Suite Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Downtown, Shorecrest Motor Inn, Milner Hotel, Westin Book Cadillac Detroit, Detroit Marriott At The Renaissance Center

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